Foundation Level

  • Foundation level comprise of kg and Grade 1 & 2
  • Montessori method is used at kindergarten level.
  • Our KG children learn
    • Literacy
    • Numeracy
    • Environmental Studies
    • Tamil and
    • Hindi
  • Our Grade 1 &2 children learn
    • English
    • Math
    • Environmental Studies
    • Tamil And
    • Hindi
  • COMPUTER , LIBRARY , YOGA , PE , ART & CRAFT , PAID ACTIVITIES , LANGUAGE LAB are also given for the holistic development of our grade 1 & 2 children.
  • Phonic base teaching helps our children to read from Jr.Kg level.
  • Cursive writing practice helps our children to write sentences from Sr.Kg level.
  • Children are exposed to hand on activities , stage programs , celebrations , spoken practices, field trips , fun trips and sports activities.
  • We emphasis on the holistic development of our children.
  • Our school provide safe , secured , cared and joyful environment for our children.
  • Awareness on health and hygiene continues throughout the year.

Parents are informed about their child’s performance now and then. Parents are given orientation about our school system and methodologies. We also invite and encourage our parents to participate in functions and celebrations of our school.

Our school is located in Emoor, Karur. Close to Thanthonimalai and Gandhigramam.